How To Apply China Visa: All Basic Application Requirements

China Visa Application Requirements

Whether you’re going on your first trip to China or reentering with different status, going through the elaborated China Visa application requirements can be overwhelming sometimes. Let us help you squeeze some complexity out with our simplified guides towards a smooth journey ahead.

How To Apply China Visa: All Basic Application Requirements

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Well, with all the flight booking and stuff shopping being settled, we hope that your passport has at least 6 months validity in hand before your grand departure. And shall you be applying for multiple entries, don’t forget to include the additional stay duration on top of the 6 months as well.

Generally, your China Visa application requirements depend on either one of these visa type:

  • Tourist L-Visa: Free travel through individual/group basis
  • Business F-Visa: Attending business activities/professional courses up to 6 months
  • Student X-Visa: Advancing studies/courses beyond 6 months
  • Working Z-Visa: Expats fulfilling employment in China
  • Transit G-Visa: Transiting for onward journey to intended destination
  • Crew C-Visa: Fulfilling transportation services while transiting at China
  • Resident D-Visa: Experts invited for permanent residency
  • Journalist J-Visa: Fulfilling media reporting assignments

General Prerequisites


Typically, 2 blank pages would suffice but multiple-entry visas and those bound for TRP conversion will require minimum 4 pages. Additionally, you’ll need to prepare photocopies of information page, pages bearing last entry stamp plus current and previous visas, if available.

For first-time entry as ex-Chinese national, you’re to provide Original Chinese Passport and photocopies of Certificate of Naturalization, Passport Information Page and previous visas as well.

Application Form

  • Form V2011A fully-completed and duly signed by applicant (and agent’s stamp, if third-party service acquired)
  • Form V2011B supplementation is required for name-sharing passport or application outside your own country
  • Recent Passport photo must be adhered/stapled alongside genuine copies of related attachments


Most applications are also required to be supported with previous entries’ China visas, if available. So, get each copy ready to avoid hassle later on.


This should be your shots taken within recent 6 months displaying your full-face, hatless and front-view against light glue/grey background with the below dimensions.

China Visa Application Requirements_Photo Dimension


As rates differ from countries, nationalities and visa types, you’re advised to obtain the accurate charges from China Embassy websites of respective countries. Google up “Embassy of the People’s Republic of China + country visa fees” and pick.for eg.: for Australian and for Singaporean. 

Nonetheless, applications through Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) will cost higher and additional fees will be levied on same-day/express services.

Lodging Declaration

This is an important detail though most but not all applications would request upon. But keeping this handy will ensure swifter process. Either furnish a hotel reservation statement or invitation letter from your Chinese host attached with his/her photocopy I.D card (or Passport information page and visa for Non-Chinese host).

Discretionary Documents

Though uncommon, you should be aware of and contact your local embassy to confirm your compliance to checklist below if you’re departing for unusual events/occasions such as:

  • Physical/Medical Examination Reports: Usually exempted for X, Z and F applicants
  • Funds: Proof of financial capability at the rate of US$100/day

Temporary Residence Permit (TPR)

Regardless of visa type, all multiple-entry and extended stay applications will need to be converted to TPR within 30 days at local Public Security Bureau (PSB) upon arrival.

Function-Specific China Visa Application Requirements

On top of general requirements, you’re also subjected to conformity on special China Visa application requirements such as:


  • Tourists should supplement a Return Air Ticket
  • Marriage License (if visiting spouse of Chinese national)
  • Hostel reservation and itinerary for budget backpackers


  • Business/Expats must obtain “Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit” or “Confirmation Letter of Invitation” bearing name, address and contact info of inviting company/individual alongside visa validity, number of entries, accommodation details and spouse/children details
  • Other ministry/organization/employer permits related to your profession
  • Proof of Relationship documents (Marriage/Birth Certs) for family members
  • TPR on arrival


All students/sponsored-employees attending extended courses should furnish Enrollment Letter and Institution’s accreditation proof (JW201 or JW202) as well as applying for TPR.


You’ll be exempted from visa if you’re briefly stopping over to board international flights at Pudong/Hongqiao Airports or Shanghai Seaports within 24-48hours provided onward-transportation tickets and visa to final destination on hand.


If you’re transiting while providing transportation services, make sure to obtain Formal Application Letter from airline/shipping companies plus Original and photocopy of Crew/Seaman’s Card.

If you’re journalists reporting for overseas media, then furnish your Approval and Invitation Letters from competent Chinese authorities. Note that your filming/recording equipments should comply to pertaining requirements too while TPR is compulsory on longer term assignments.

Permanent Residence

For skilled people being offered permanent residencies; make sure you’re covered with Permanent Residency Confirmation Form and Residence Approval Certificate issued by the PSB as attachments.


  1. Always request Receipt during application for passport collection thereafter.
  2. Applications MUST be done personally/via agents at Visa Office.
  3. Overstays without PSB approval will be penalized.
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